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MUSIC Review: Charlatan “Bird Paintings, Vol. 1”

A beautiful and ethereal offering from Brad Rose / Foxy Digitalis stalwarts of Tulsa, OK. Brad Rose’s Charlatan creates blissful, emotional, deeply complex electronic music for a variety of moods and futures, much like his Foxy Digitalis archive project. “Bird Paintings, Volume 1” employs lush, textured bubbling, slow moving synth lines that evoke a world undiscovered and unscathed by humanity. Stylistically in a discussion with such synthesizer heavyweight acts as Emeralds, Tangerine Dream, and Long Distance Poison, Charlatan offers a heartfelt, yet morose sonic wormhole into an atmosphere filled with both comforting and entropic sounds that remind us of this passing fleeting moment. Warm ripples of mid toned explorations envelop undiscovered worlds we can dance and contemplate within.

from the release page on bandcamp:

“A bird. A bush.
A sight. A flash.
Anything peeping struck—
Memory: Hush. Let him do his work.”

– excerpt from Bird in the Rain by Willie Lee Kinard III

Listen to the music of Charlatan here