WES TIREY Speaks To Loss and Grief Through New Album “No Winners in the Blues”

“No Winners In The Blues” by Wes Tirey pulls from Americana, blues, folk, and influences from dark, morose string masters like David Berman and Neil Young and even Robert Fripp’s Fripptronics style of guitar playing. A musky, storied and groggled voice tells tales over an exceptionally well played and emotional bed of acoustic guitars. “Something’s in the water, whole world’s upside down, good lord, good lord” as a line, I think sums up well the complexities of themes present on this album, but this is open ended, country./folk music with themes wide enough to get lost in for ones self. Blending both relatable and abstract themes throughout the album, this is perfect winter music for a lonsesome exploration of the self.

“This is honest music for those moments when the night towers over the desert, as the dawn gathers faintly at the horizon: raw blues from the hands of a true master of his craft, now given fresh life with a new edition.”

Dark, weathered strings and undulating, tired but ever present and beautiful voice share stories of loss, grief, confusion and other emotions all too relatable for a world that’s supposed to offer peace and well being. Heavy strings with minimal background electronics create thick and wethered patina for the voice to perfectly cast a fishing line of hope out into a dark and depressed world, even if for a minute. Beautiful, simple music. Highly recommended. Comes out via Full Spectrum Records