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October Thrills: Dark and Heavy Cinema for the Halloween season

October Thrills: Dark and heavy cinema for the Halloween season. It’s that time again and we are here to bring you some terrifying recommendations for the season from both the big screen and the underground sewers. Here’s six must watch horror and adjacent films you should watch this Halloween season.

You Won’t Be Alone (2022)

Somewhere betweem isolation horror and folklore horror, YOU WON’T BE ALONE pulls from lots of classics while carving out it’s own unique narrative tricks and traps. Slow burn, emotionally hevay, must watch.

NOPE (2022, DIR. Jordan Peele)

Given the hair-raising standard of Jordan Peeleā€™s previous horror projects, Get Out and UsNope is expected to be an absolute thriller. The first trailer, which dropped on Sunday, February 13, proved just that, giving fans a glimpse into the film’s unearthly storyline.


Strawberry Mansion is a unique sci-fi story with quite a few elements of horror, taking viewers to a not-too-distant future where the government records dreams and taxes them, as the gentle agent James Preble gets caught up in the dreams of an aging artist, only to find a secret that can change everything he has ever known.”


Hatching is a straightforward fantasy movie with a good portion of body horror that brings up an important topic for discussion, as Tinja’s mother tries everything to keep the image of a perfect family. Hatching is a clear metaphor for society but is also charged with gruesome moments and will leave you gasping for a break from the madness.


Sweetheart sees a young woman (Kiersey Clemons) trapped on an island as a terrifying force from the deep hunts her down when night falls. Dillard directs some strong horror sequences led by a great performance from Clemons and Sweetheart has one of the coolest creature designs of any modern creature feature”

ATLANTICS (2019, Dir. Mati Diop)

While bringing out excellent themes of grief, love, and loss, Atlantics delivers some strong supernatural horrors that fans of the genre will love. Diop made history with Atlantics, becoming the first Black woman to direct a film featured at Cannes Film Festival.