MUSIC: Mirrors For Psychic Warfare Brings Us Into Depths Unknown on “I See What I Became”

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is the brainchild of Neurosis co founder SCOTT KELLY and Sanford Parker. While puling elements from both the artists backgrounds, this project serves as a true collaboration, where we can see both artists vision refined, sharpened, and amalgamated to create something beautiful, something haunting, something new. 

“I See What I Became” like the title suggests, acts as a sonic reflection of the inner strife, turmoil, of grief, loss, a broken world and a confused mind, or at least it sounds like it. Kelly’s nearly uncanny ability to blend seemingly distant emotions and moods through his musical vision is as nuanced and pronounced on this album as it is on his solo works and the juggernaut-like unrelenting discography of one of the greatest heavy bands of all time, Neurosis. Like Kelly, “I See What I Became” is honest, complex, and layered. The voice howls, screams, cracks, and spaces envelop themselves as time shifts through non linear passageways oh healing, trauma, strife, beauty, all of the inexplainable complexities of humanity are magnified through the music of Mirrors Of Psychic Warfare. If there was ever a less contrived musical collaboration across varied heavy styles than this one, that would be a sound for sore ears. Give yourselves to the nuanced and articulate noise and chaos of MFPW.